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 Aria Fellers

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--- Aria Fellers' relationships
{ also check out her pages and timeline

Steve and Emilee Robinson are my parents. They're really important to me and they mean the world to me.
Elijah Robinson is my older brother. He's a total goofball (okay, maybe not total) but I love him anyways.
Will Robinson is also my older brother. He is a wise and logic person and always comforts me if something's wrong.
Shawn Fellers is my son and he is the most precious thing in this world - to me, at least.

Kyan James is my boyfriend, so of course I love him! I worry that will he bear with me, though.
Henry James is Kyan's father. I really like this man, he took me in open-heartedly and I respect that.
Ashley James is Kyan's mother. She is a kind and caring person and is almost like my own mother. We're really close.
Audrey James is Kyan's younger sister. She is a nice girl but still a little bit naive. I like her, though, so there's nothing to worry about.

Keith Fellers is my former husband and, I, umm ... Could we just not talk about him, please?
Ian Cavanaugh is a guy with whom I spend some time with but, in the end, he was too young.
Elizabeth Morgan is - was? - my best friend back in Phoenix. I still adore her!
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Aria Fellers
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