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 Calista Whitelock

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--- Calista Whitelock's relationships

{ also check out her pages and timeline

Rose and Edward are my parents. We have not been in contact and quite frankly I don't even miss it.
Skye and Edmund are my older siblings. I don't miss them either. Why should I?

Freddie Knudsen is ... I don't even know what he is to me. I had some sort of a crush on him.
Tobias Knudsen is Freddie's older brother. He was kind of a serious person so we didn't talk a lot.
Nanna Knudsen is Freddie's young sister. She was full of life and she was a lot of fun, I even spoke to her a bit!

Naomi Mitchell will always be my best friend, I owe her my life and loyalty.
Owen Yates is Naomi's fiancé. I didn't have the chance to get to know him that well.
Xander Yates is their son. I really am not good with children but I liked this little fella anyways.

Seth Courter is my ex and now I work for him. Life works in mysterious ways, huh? I've seen it.
Vanessa Courter is Seth's wife and I work for her, too. I actually like her and Seth (and they're an adorable couple!)
Chase and Chance are their twins. They're handsome and I think they like me. At least they don't cry when I hold them.

Helen Rosewood is the greatest bitch that has ever existed. I would kill her if I got the chance.
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Calista Whitelock
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