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 Jamie Briscoe

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--- Jamie Briscoe's relationships

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Trevor Briscoe is my father. We recently found each other again, but we still have issues that we have to solve.
Jane Briscoe was my mother. Now she's dead because of drugs. She had it coming, so I didn't even cry at her funeral.

Denny Brooks broke my heart but I still have feelings for him. I could even forgive him so I hate this situation.
Debbie Gibbett is Denny's famous sister. I've always thought that celebrities are all about themselves, but she proved me wrong!
Noah Gibbett is Debbie's husband. He is a really nice guy thanks to his easy-going personality.
Caleb Gibbett is Noah's and Debbie's son. I was surprised because he was so calm, but that's only a positive trait!
Delinda Brooks is also Denny's sister. As her fan it was terrifying to meet her! Thank God she was kind and lovely.
Jackson Aubrey is Delinda's son. He is such a lovely baby boy and I had so much fun with this little guy!
Andriy Zoshchenko is Delinda's boyfriend. I didn't have the chance to get to know him that well, but he seemed funny!

Geena O'Connell back in Phoenix is the woman of my life. I had to leave her and I'm still sad! She's my BFF after all.
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Jamie Briscoe
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