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 Noah Gibbett

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--- Noah Gibbett's relationships

{ also check out his pages and timeline

Andy Gibbett is my father. I haven't spoke to him for.. How many years? I don't know and I sure as hell am not interested in it either.
Neriah Gibbett is my mother. She is the one who probably misses me, but I don't feel the same. She abandoned me as well.
Nelly Gibbett is my older sister. I saw her back in Phoenix and we actually got along. I still haven't fully forgiven her, though.
Nyreen Gibbett is Nelly's twin and also my older sister. I don't miss her but I would be interested in meeting her.
Norma Gibbett is my older sister and we have not been in contact. She was always kinda bitchy so I don't know if I even want to.
Nicole Gibbett is also my older sister and I remember she was always keeping my side when everyone else were against me.
Nina Gibbett is, what a surprise, my older sister. She took the whole mormon-thingy too seriously and it annoyed me.
Nora Gibbett is the last one of my older sisters. She was a really kind person and everyone loved her (including me).

Debbie Gibbett is the woman of my life and now I'm married to her. I will never leave her side because she saved me.
Caleb Gibbett is my son. I'm really proud to be a father and I will protect him from everything evil in this world.
Avalyn Gibbett should have been Caleb's twin but she wasn't. She died during birth and I prefer not talking about it.

Edward Brooks is Debbie's father. We used to hate each other but now we are on the same page. At least I think so.
Michelle Brooks accepted me into the family without a doubt and I really do like this gorgeous woman. I know she likes me, too.
Denny Brooks is Debbie's younger brother. He is a really nice guy who just can't stay still, so basically he is like the former me.
Jamie Briscoe used to be Denny's boyfriend or something, I didn't understand their thing but this guy was nice anyways.
Delinda Brooks is Debbie's older sister. She didn't act like a bitch towards me even though she's famous so yeah, I like her.
Andriy Zoshchenko is Delinda's boyfriend. He is a pleasant fellow and we've always had a lot of fun together.

Kyan James is my best mate for life. He's always there for me and I'm always there for him.
Henry James is Kyan's father. He is a respectable man but he's still fun and full of life. I like this guy.
Ashley James is Kyan's mother. She is a beautiful woman and she is also really lovable. Henry and Ashley are an adorable couple, too.
Audrey James is Kyan's younger sister. She is a little bit naive but I can live with that, so I think she's an amazing young girl.
Aria Fellers is Kyan's girlfriend. She seems a bit ... Well, perfectionist, but she's still nice. Kyan always has the best women!
Shawn Fellers is Aria's son. He's an energetic and lively fella and I really like him.

Holly Seumour is my ex girlfriend. I saw her back in Phoenix and I was not amused, but in the end we got along.
Matthew Aubrey used to be my employer and he's also Delinda's ex. He was a proper guy and I'd like to work for him again.
Cece Mitchell is a girl who I don't even want to remember. She was our nanny and I cheated on Debbie with her. What a mistake.
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Noah Gibbett
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